Important Information

EmergenciesDial 911. Give the township name, then your name, road name and fire number.

911 Emergency List. For complete fire, ambulance and police protection, contact the 911 Coordinator, Deb Slye, at (608) 547-2739 with any changes to your name, address or phone number so it can be relayed to the 911 Dispatch Office. This includes rental property.

Town Website. Town of Clearfield maintains a website; it can be found at There is general town information, election and meeting notices, meeting minutes, ordinances, etc.

Town Notices. All meeting and election notices, resolutions, and ordinances are posted at the following sites: Clearfield Pub & Grill, N7405 State Road 80; Cedar Springs, N7001 State Road 58; and Town Hall, N8111 8thAvenue. This information also can be found on the Town’s website at

Zoning. Town of Clearfield is zoned; building permits are required. The zoning ordinance and zoning map are available at the Town’s website for free or by contacting the Town Clerk (there is a charge for a paper copy).

Subdivision and Building OrdinanceNo buildings, structures or dwellings may be erected, placed upon land, converted, enlarged or structurally altered without a permit. If you plan to move a mobile home onto your property, build a home or accessory building, or remodel, you must first obtain a building permit. No more than one living quarters can be placed on a parcel consisting of 5 acres or more. Contact the Town Clerk at N8856 State Road 80, New Lisbon, WI 53950 or call (608) 547-3543 or email at [email protected], at least one month before you plan to start your building project. Building inspections are required. Note: Permit and inspection fees are doubled if you start your building project without first obtaining a permit.

Trash Burning Regulations. You must obtain a Burn Permit before burning in trash barrels, brush piles, etc., and may only burn between 6:00pm and midnight Monday through Saturday. Burn permits can be obtained at Triangle Citgo, corner of Hwy 12/16 and Hwy 80 in New Lisbon. You are responsible for any fire that gets out of control and you will be fined by the DNR.

Voting Residents. Clearfield election polls are open from 7:00am–8:00pm. Elections are held at the Clearfield Town Hall, N8111 8th Ave. Notices are published in The Messenger of Juneau County before election and posted at Town Hall, Cedar Springs, and the Clearfield Pub & Grill. Town Hall is handicapped accessible. Absentee voting is possible by contacting the Clerk at (608) 547-3543 by 5:00pm the Friday before Election Day. All residents entitled to vote in the Town of Clearfield must be a registered voter. Contact the Clerk to register to vote.

Mailbox Policy. If the snowplow actually hits the post or the box and knocks it down, the Town Road Man will put it back up the best he can (temporarily if the ground is frozen). The Town is not responsible for replacement if flying snow hits the box and it is knocked over. The box and pole need to be sturdy enough to withstand a blow to the box or pole. If the pole is rotten, it will be easily knocked over. Please check the condition of your mailbox and pole before winter.

Right-of-Way. The Town clears the right-of-way on all Town roads. The right-of-way is 33 feet from the center of the road; this area must be cleared for the safety of the motoring public. The wood that is left behind belongs to the landowner. The landowner’s permission must be obtained if you would like to cut and haul this wood. Contact one of your elected officials if you have any questions or concerns. For your safety as well as that of our Road Man, please slow down in work areas. It is greatly appreciated.

Board Meetings. Regular monthly Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at Town Hall, N8111 8th Ave. Meeting notices and minutes are posted at Town Hall, Clearfield Pub & Grill and Cedar Springs as well as on the Town website.

Wisconsin Lottery & Gaming Credit. The Lottery and Gaming Credit will only be extended to property used as a Wisconsin owner’s primary residence. If you are a new landowner and use the property for your primary residence as of January 1 of the present year, you must sign a Lottery Credit Card to qualify for the Lottery Credit. If you have not received a card, contact the Town Treasurer at (608) 547-2739.

First Dollar Credit. First Dollar Credit applies to real estate with improvements only tax bills. This includes business, commercial, and private property. Unlike other credits, a portion of the credit will be applied towards each installment. The credit should show up automatically on all real estate tax bills with an “assessed value improvement” amount.

Camper Registration. According to Ordinance 22 Camping, a camping permit must be obtained from the Town Clerk before camping activities begin. There is no charge for this camping permit. Camping is permitted between April 1 and December 1 of a calendar year. Contact the Clerk at N8856 State Road 80, New Lisbon WI 53950 or via email at [email protected].