Town of Clearfield

Important Information–Please Retain

Emergencies. Dial 911. Give the township name, then your name, road name, and fire number.

911 Emergency List. For complete fire, ambulance, and police protection, contact the 911 Coordinator, Joleen Stanton, at (608) 562-5746 with any changes to your name, address, or phone number so it can be relayed to the 911 Dispatch Office. This includes rental property.

Town Website. The town of Clearfield maintains a website; it can be found at There is general town information, election and meeting notices, meeting minutes, ordinances, permit information, etc.

Town Notices. All meeting and election notices, resolutions, and ordinances are posted at the following sites: Clearfield Pub & Grille, N7405 State Road 80; Cedar Springs Gas and Camp LLC, N7001 State Road 58; and Town Hall, N8111 8th Avenue. This information also can be found on the Town’s website at

Zoning. The town of Clearfield is zoned; building permits are required. The zoning ordinance and zoning map are available on the Town’s website for free or by contacting the Town Clerk (there is a charge for a paper copy).

Subdivision and Building OrdinanceNo buildings, structures or dwellings may be erected, placed upon land, converted, enlarged or structurally altered without a permit. If you plan to move a mobile home onto your property, build a home or accessory building, or remodel, you must first obtain a building permit. Contact the Town Clerk at N8856 State Road 80, New Lisbon, WI 53950 or call (608) 547-3543 or email at [email protected], at least one month before you plan to start your building project. Building inspections are required. Note: Permit and inspection fees are doubled if you start your building project without first obtaining a permit.

Trash Burning RegulationsYou must obtain a Burn Permit before burning in trash barrels, brush piles, etc., and may only burn between 6:00 pm and midnight Monday through Saturday. You can obtain a burn permit online through the DNR at You are responsible for any fire that gets out of control, and you will be fined by the DNR.

Voting ResidentsClearfield election polls are open from 7:00 am–8:00 pm. Elections are held at the Clearfield Town Hall, N8111 8th Ave. Notices are published in The Juneau County Star-Times before the election and posted at Town Hall, Cedar Springs Gas and Camp, LLC, and Clearfield Pub & Grille. Town Hall is handicapped accessible. Absentee voting is possible by contacting the Clerk at 547-3543. All residents entitled to vote in the Town of Clearfield must be a registered voter. Contact the Clerk to register to vote or you can do it online. Additional information can be found at My Vote Wisconsin

Mailbox PolicyIf the snowplow actually hits the post or the box and knocks it down, the Town Road Man will put it back up the best he can (temporarily if the ground is frozen). The Town is not responsible for replacement if flying snow hits the box and it is knocked over. The box and pole need to be sturdy enough to withstand a blow to the box or pole. If the pole is rotten, it will be easily knocked over. Please check the condition of your mailbox and pole before winter.

Right-of-WayThe Town clears the right-of-way on all Town roads. The right-of-way is 33 feet from the center of the road; this area must be cleared for the safety of the motoring public. The wood that is left behind belongs to the landowner. The landowner’s permission must be obtained if you would like to cut and haul this wood. Contact one of your elected officials if you have any questions or concerns. For your safety as well as that of our Road Man, please slowdown in work areas. It is greatly appreciated.

Board Meetings. Regular monthly Board Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at Town Hall, N8111 8th Ave. Meeting notices and minutes are posted at Town Hall, Clearfield Pub & Grille and Cedar Springs Gas and Camp LLC as well as on the Town website.

Wisconsin Lottery & Gaming Credit. The Lottery and Gaming Credit will only be extended to property used as a Wisconsin owner’s primary residence. If you are a new landowner and use the property for your primary residence as of January 1 of the present year, you must sign a Lottery Credit Card to qualify for the Lottery Credit. If you have not received a card from the Juneau County Treasurer, contact the Town Treasurer Joleen Stanton at (608) 562-5746.

First Dollar Credit. First Dollar Credit applies to real estate with improvements only tax bills. This includes business, commercial, and private property. Unlike other credits, a portion of the credit will be applied toward each installment. The credit should show up automatically on all real estate tax bills with an “assessed value improvement” amount.

Camper Registration. According to Ordinance 22 Camping, a camping permit must be obtained from the Town Clerk before camping activities begin. There is no charge for this camping permit. Camping Permits are placed on file as of 2023 and only need to contact the town clerk if there are any changes made to the current camping permit. If no camper permit is issued and the camper is placed on the property there will be a fee and violation fee. Camping is permitted between April 1 and December 1 of a calendar year with no holding tank needed. If you leave the camper on the property, all year you must have a 300-gallon minimum-sized holding tank and a state sanitary permit from Juneau County. Contact the Clerk at N8856 State Road 80, New Lisbon WI 53950, by phone at (608) 547-3543 or via email at [email protected].


Property Tax Collection

If you no longer own the property described on the tax bill, it is your responsibility to forward it to the new owner immediately.

The 2023 Property Tax Year Collection, the Town of Clearfield

Will be collecting property taxes by MAIL ONLY.

  • Absolutely NO putting mail in the Treasurer's personal Mailbox.
  • There will be NO appointments made.
  • The first installment is due on or before January 31, 2024, payable to the Town of Clearfield. Mail to Town of Clearfield Treasurer, Joleen Stanton, N8605 Ria Lane, New Lisbon, WI 53950.
  • Second installment is due on or before July 31, 2024, payable to Juneau County Treasurer, 220 E State Street, Mauston, WI 53948. Do not send the second payment to the Town of Clearfield Treasurer.
  • All personal property taxes, private forest crop, managed forestlands, and special charges are to be paid in full on or before January 31, 2024.
  • Real estate taxes of $99.00 or less per parcel must be paid in full by January 31, 2024.
  • Dog license payment is due by April 1, 2024, to avoid any late charges or penalties. Please send all Dog Licenses to the Juneau County Clerk's Office the town of Clearfield is no longer collecting dog licenses.
  • Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your tax remittance if you wish to have your tax receipt, and/or copy of the tax list mailed back to you. Be sure to specify what information you want. There is a $5.00 charge for a paper copy of the tax list; it is also available for free online.
  • Refunds for taxes paid by escrow account checks will be identified and included in the next scheduled payments made under Wisconsin Statute 66.042. This would be the next regular monthly Board Meeting; these are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Refund checks must have Board approval before they can be issued. Refunds under $5.00 will not be made.
  • No Cash Payments Please!  Personal Checks, Cashier’s Checks, or Money Orders Only!
  • Any further questions please feel free to contact the Treasurer, Joleen Stanton, at (608) 562-5746. Address: Town of Clearfield, N8605 Ria Lane, New Lisbon WI 53950.

Notice to Dog Owners Living in the Town of Clearfield

All Dog Licenses are now issued from the Juneau County Clerk's Office starting December 2021.

All dogs, 5 months of age or older, must be immunized against rabies and licensed annually before April 1 of each year. If a dog owner fails to license their dog before April 1. Proof of a Rabies Vaccination Certificate is required by the State before a license can be issued. Mail the Rabies Vaccination Certificate when licensing your dog as it contains all the necessary information needed to issue a license. Dog licenses for new dogs can be purchased from the Juneau County Clerk's Office at any time during the year. Contact the Juneau County Clerk's Office at 608-847-9402 for any questions you may have.

The town of Clearfield has an Animal Ordinance and issues citations to persons not complying with Ordinance #5 Animal Controlling and Licensing. Not licensing your dog may result in a substantial fine. It is against the law to allow your dog and other animals to run at large.


Town Officials



Jim Suzda 608.547.0090

[email protected]



David Anderson 608.542.1195

[email protected]



Art LaBerge 608.565.6868

[email protected]

Clerk: Cindy Suzda 608.547.3543
Email: [email protected]


Joleen Stanton 608.562.5746

[email protected]

Assessor: Pat Hart 608.372.2964
Zoning Admin


Cindy Suzda 608.547.3543

[email protected]


Recycling. The official recycling drop-off center is the Juneau County Landfill, W7611 Ceylon Rd, New Lisbon just off County Hwy B, 608-562-5233.
Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 am—3:30 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am—12:00 pm. Closed to the public on Tuesday and Friday.

These guidelines must be followed:

Prohibited Items: liquids; hazardous waste; friable asbestos; ammunition explosives; medical and radioactive waste; brush/tree branches, dead animal carcasses and asphalt shingles.

The following must be recycled (can be comingled):

  • The following can be recycled at no cost:
  • Glass: Anything made entirely of glass, cleaned, labels removed
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Aluminum: cans only; siding in metal pile
  • Paper: all non-corrugated paper
  • Magazines
  • Plastics: milk, soda, soap bottles only (anything with recycle triangle 1-7); no tarps, tools, trays, or toys
  • Tin cans rinsed clean

The following items can be dropped off at various drop off areas near the office: (ask for assistance if needed).

Batteries, crankcase oil, anti-freeze, microwaves, metal or aluminum roofing, scrap metal, compost (grass clippings, leaves, household)

  • The following items can be dropped off near the office for an extra charge:
  • $20.00 fee: refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers
  • $15.00 fee: computer monitors, televisions - (40 lbs. or less), starter ballasts, capacitors
  • $0.35 fee per pound: tv's over 40 pounds
  • $5.00 fee: microwaves
  • $.15 per pound: tires
  • $1.00 each: fluorescent bulbs
  • $15.00 each: all mattresses - crib, futon, double, queen, king mattress or box spring
  • Landfill Rates: $85.00/ton or $10.00 minimum
  • Acceptable items for landfill disposal: common household trash; various other household items; furniture.

If you see anyone littering town roads, check for the license number and type of vehicle and report it to any Town Official. Persons found guilty of littering receive substantial fines.

Juneau County Public Peace & Good Order Ordinance. In September 2002, the Juneau County Board of Supervisors updated several ordinances, including Chapter 9.06 Minimum Standards for Unlicensed Junk Accumulations. If you would like to file a complaint against a suspect property, please contact a Town Official to fill out a complaint form. Complaints can be filed anonymously. The situation will be investigated and addressed at the Town level, if possible. If the resolution is unable to be made at the Town level, the complaint will be turned over to the County for handling.

Fire Numbers Please keep fire numbers clear from tall grass and trees so that the emergency responders can find your place without difficulty. Please keep fire numbers where the town places them.

New for 2018. The Town of Clearfield requires a driveway permit for all new and any altering of existing driveways in the Town. For the permit application please contact the town clerk. Cindy Suzda at N8856 State Road 80, New Lisbon, WI 53950. Phone number 608-547-3543. [email protected]


Just a Note to all Town of Clearfield Residents. The Town of Clearfield is Zoned, and Permits are Required.

Per our Zoning Ordinance/Building Ordinance Shipping Containers, Semi-Trailers, or Truck Boxes are NOT allowed in the Town of Clearfield for Storage on your property. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the town clerk/zoning administrator Cindy Suzda, 608-547-3543, or [email protected] before bringing these items to your property. A violation fee will occur for each shipping container, semi-trailer, or truck box that is brought to your property. Permits are required for all structures being built so check with your zoning administrator/clerk before building.

Town of Clearfield Landowners.

Hart Appraisals, Inc will be conducting a revaluation for the Town of Clearfield, Juneau County, WI during the 2023 assessment year. Every property will need to be inspected and reviewed. Mr. Hart will be wearing a name tag. When asked to see the interior of your home, it is to your advantage to allow entrance, but we understand your health concerns regarding Covid. Also, if you are enrolled in the "CRP" program (Conservation Reserve Program) with the Federal Government, please let us know to avoid an incorrect assessment.  The assessor does not have access to that information. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Hart Appraisals at 608-372-2964 or email us at [email protected] .